Wild Flowers and Toadstools which can be spotted whilst wandering around the countryside in England.

A beautiful Flowering Rush seen at Lapworth Locks in England.Probably a few of the Wild Plants and Wild flowers we have photographed are considered by some people to be "weeds" but most plants and flowers that grow do have their nice side if you care to look.
Certainly the various flowers produced by nettles are really good - nettles are of course vital in a butterfly's life cycle - We have a patch of fairly wild garden at home and keep several small clumps of nettles just for this reason. Then how about a nice sized thistle - the plants are really worth a close look - not only for the colours and textures but also because of the various bees, wasps, butterflies and so on which regularly visit (and need) them.
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Beautiful Teasel seed pod.Many of these wild flowers were seen whilst taking walks in the beautiful woodlands and open countryside within and close too The Chilterns area of England. The Chiltern Hills contains 100s of miles of well mapped tracks and paths with both The Oxfordshire Way National Trail and The Ridgeway National Trail going right through or adjacent to it. Also The River Thames and it's Thames Path as well as several beautiful canals including The Oxford Canal and The Grand Union Canal are all available for walkers to go and find and look at many of these wild flowers.
For anyone visiting this part of England one of the most beautiful places to visit is Wendover Woods and particularly having a wander along nearbye The Wendover Canal Arm - packed with wildlife and beautiful trees this is worth visiting at any time of the year. One of the most magnificent displays from a wild flower point of view has to be when the bluebells come out in the Spring - several of the woodlands in The Chilterns boast beautiful displays of these wild flowers. Please take a look at our British Bluebell pictures for an example of what can be seen in the area. One particular walk will let you see as many bluebells as you can perhaps put up with - please see our Bluebell Walks in the Chilterns topic (which is on our main English Walks website).

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