England's Beautiful Bluebells.

One of the great natural features in our area (which is in The Chilterns on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border of England) are the massive displays of bluebells which can be seen around Wendover Woods and Christmas Common. And of course in many other woods around here although those two beautiful areas have the best showing we have come across.
There has to be millions of these bluebells carpettng the woods and they seem to increase and spread further every year. This is especially true since in recent times people have stopped digging them up and taking them home. The bluebells on display each year at Cowleaze Woods in The Chiltern Hills are amazing - the whole woodland and increasingly adjoining woods have now been taken over by them and there are lots of paths around for short strolls or much longer walks.
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Cowleaze Woods in May 2014 with 1000s of Bluebells. Bluebells in the Spring in England Spring 2014 and lots of English Bluebells. Photo of Bluebells taken in 2014
Bluebells looking beautiful in the Spring in England. Somewhat pale blue looking English Bluebells. Gorgeous Bluebells showing off in the Springtime in England. Closeup of a bunch of Bluebells in England
Bluebells slowly taking over the ground cover in England Shady Bluebell Woods in England. A saturation of Bluebells in England? Bluebell Woods in The Chilterns.
Dappled woodland path with lots of Bluebells around. Bluebells in Cowleaze Woods in England. Bluebells and Ferns in the woods of England. Bluebells in England.
Beech Trees and Bluebells in England. Bluebells A complete carpet of bluebells A deeper blue bunch of Bluebells in England.
Bluebells in England Ferns and Bluebells in English Woodland - The Chilterns. English woods with beautiful bluebells in the Spring. Bluebells and more Bluebells in England.
A really beautiful woodland path with Bluebells for company Bluebell Woods in England. English Bluebells. British Bluebells
Bluebells in the wild can become quite substantial strong plants which eventually really dominate an area. Generally where there is fairly rough open ground then nettles soon take over and little else has any chance of growing. However there are for instance several areas around Copgrove Woods where the huge beds of nettles have been completely displaced by bluebells - with only a few wood anenomes allowed to co-exist with them.
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A path in Cowlease Woods lined with Bluebells. Bluebells Bluebells Ferns and Bluebells
Bluebells Bluebells Bluebells The Bluebells just thinking about flowering in The Spring in England.
Bluebells in a cluster Bluebell Woods in England
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