Wild flowers in England common names A to B.

Below find wild flower photos of Agrimony, Autumn Hawkbit, Bistort, Bladder Campion, Blackthorn Sloes, Bluebells, Bogbeans, Borage, Brambles, Bugle, (Bullrush) Reed Mace, Burnet Rose, Butterbur and Buttercups.

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Agrimony (sticklewort) - Agrimonia eupatoria - wild flowers.
Autumn Hawkbit wild flowers.
Autumn Hawkbit
Bistort (Persicaria bistorta) wild flower.
Blackthorn Sloes.
Blackthorn Sloes
There are a couple of photos of some beautiful Bluebells shown below - but also please take a look at our topic English Bluebells - this has loads more photos of this wild flower which were taken in the woods mostly around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire in England. Perhaps take a look at our Bluebell Walks in The Chilterns website which may be of interest.
Bladder Campion (silene-vulgaris.
Bladder Campion
Silene-vulgaris (Bladder Campion)
Bladder Campion
Several farely pale bluebells
English Bluebells - not that blue in this case.
(Menyanthes trifoliata) Bog Beans - also known as Buckbeans - were once valued as a cure for skirvy and constipation - also the leaves were dried and made into tea and even used as a form of tobacco. Due to the bitter taste of the leaves they were also once used as a partial substitute for hops whilst making beer. Bog Beans can also be easily grown around ponds in gardens and are a very attrative plant on the edges.
BogBeans - pond plants in England.
Bog Beans
Bog plants - Bog Beans, England.
Bog Beans
Bog Bean plant (Menyanthes trifoliata).
Bog Bean
Bogbean flowers.
Bog Bean
Borage wild flowers.
Borage wildflowers
Borage (Borago officinalis) flowers.
A group of Borage looking a bit spooky.
Brambles (wild hedging).
English Brambles (Rubus fruticosa)
Brambles - Englands wild flowers and shrubs.
English wild flowers - Bramble (wild flowers).
Bugle (Ajuga reptans) wild flowers.
Ajuga reptans or Bugle flowers.
Variously known as Bugleweed, Bugle or Carpetweed.
Bullrush (wild flowers).
Burnet Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia).
Burnet Rose
Burnet Rose wild flowers.
Burnet Rose
Butterbur wild flower.
Butterburs (Petasites).
English wildflowers - Butterbur.
Buttercups - wild flowers.
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