British Wild Flowers with common names beginning with C part 2.

There are pictures of the following English Wildflowers shown below - Common Fumitory, Common Restharrow, Common Spotted Orchid, Common Toadflax, Common Valerian, Corn Chamomile, Corn Marigold, Cornflowers, Cow Parsley, Cowslips, Creeping Jenny, Creeping Thistle, Crosswort, Curled Dock and Cuckoo flower.

Also see our other set of pictures of British Wild Flowers C which contains more flower names starting with "C".

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Common Fumitory (fumaria-officinalis).
Common Fumitory
Common Restharrow wild flowers.
Common Restharrow
Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii).
Common Spotted Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid seen in The Chilterns.
Common Spotted Orchid
The photos of these really beautiful Common Spotted Orchids shown were taken near Chequers alongside the Ridgeway Path in The Chiltern Hills in Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire. On the slopes beneath Pulpit Hill there were perhaps thousands of them growing on the chalk.
Dactylorhiza fuchsii - the Common Spotted Orchid.
Common Spotted Orchid
Common Toadflax flowers.
Common Toadflax
Common Valerian - Valeriana officinalis.
Common Valerian
Common Valerian wildflower growing on the Thames Path in England.
Common Valerian
Corn Chamomile flowers in Oxfordshire.
Corn Chamomile
Corn Marigold -chrysanthemun segetum.
Corn Marigold
Cornflower - wild flowers in England.
Cow Parsley (wild flowers).
Cow Parsley
Cowslips in The Chilterns, England (wild flowers).
Cowslip flowers.
Cowslips can now be seen everwhere in The Chilterns, England.
Cowslip (wild flowers).
Above and below are quite a few pictures of Cowslips (Primula veris} - which are one of our favourite wild flowers. They appear in The Spring in England around the same time as their beautiful cousins the Primroses however Cowslips seem to last much longer and are often around well into late May before they go over. Although they will grow almost anywhere, Cowslips do enjoy open meadow and if left alone will spread rapidly to provide a beautiful yellow carpet. One place to see them is on the Wormsley Estate in The Chilterns - particularly just to the east of the cricket ground on the meadows beneath Commonhill Woods.
A patch of Cowslips in England.
Cowslips (wild flowers).
A beautiful Cowslip flower.
Cowslips - Primula veris.
English Cowslip (wild flowers).
Creeping Jenny wildflower (lysimachia-nummularia) in England.
Creeping Jenny
Beautiful Creeping Thistle flowers in England.
Creeping Thistle
Above and below are a few photos of Creeping Thistles (Cirsium arvense) which are not necessarily weeds. They are actually really beautiful wild flowers and always nice to look at from when they start to develop their pods before flowering, then with  beautiful flowerheads - to when they go to seed and still looking good. Insects - particularly bees - love thistles and as long as you control them (that is the thistles) they are very beneficial to have in a garden.  In additon the seeds are an important food source for wild birds.
Creeping Thistle (Cirsium arvense)in England.
Creeping Thistle
Creeping Thistle seedheads.
Creeping Thistle
Creeping Thistle seen everywhere in the English Summer.
Creeping Thistle
Creeping Thistle Pappus in Autumn.
Creeping Thistle
Crossworth - wild plants in English Woodlands..
Cruciata-laevipes (Crosswort) woodland plant.
Curled Dock (wild flowers).
Curled Dock
Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis) - also known as Lady's Smock.
Cuckoo flower
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